Mystery Photo

Girl, or girls?..

Mesmerizing!! A mirror trick? How many girls are there? this photo is intriguing on many levels: the 19th century costume, the hairstyle, the way the photo is taken. Is it intentional, or just a plain accident?

Lots of innocence in this photo, all framed in a clever photographic play. The young women’s smile is as enigmatic as the photo setup. Is she smiling, or is she just pensive? Different angles highlight different results (if this is only one girl!) Strangely, and beautifully, this young woman’s look transcends time and ethnicity: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Native or African American? Who would have such a big mirror back then (or is it )? And what about these drapes, they almost give the feel of a big top circus. As for the flower, one can just wonder about what occasion this girl is preparing for.

Perplexing indeed, the clues are endless. The photo seems to give us every side of the girl, and leave us wondering about the layers of meanings, all while being captivated by a spellbinding mystery.