The Code of the Dirt Mall

Vintage Manure spreader tires, meant for action much like what I am doing here…

Stinky Pete’s essentials for any Flea Market frequenter/enthusiast. It is the code to live and die by, and they are always evolving:

Shall Nots

  • Thou shall not ask for a price of any item that is held by someone else.
  • Thou shall not take snatch anything from someone else’s hand.
  • Thou shall not buy anything without haggling.
  • Thou shall not “educate” anyone about any item being sold.
  • Thou shall not accept a vendor’s electronics guarantee face value.
  • Thou shall not accept face value any assertion made by a vendor.
  • Thou shall not believe a vendor when saying that he will bring an item the next meeting.
  • Thou shall not believe a vendor when saying that he will bring an item the next meeting “for you only”.
  • Thou shall not date or be romantically involved with any flea-marketer.
  • Thou shall not place all of your cash in one pocket.
  • Thou shall not brag about the deal you got from a vendor and how much profit you made out of it.
  • Thou shall not be a smart-ass.
  • Thou shall not buy anything from a vendor whose name is not Bob.
  • Thou shall not follow any rules.


  • Thou shall accept, believe and live by all flea marketers conspiracy theories.
  • Thou shall accept the marketers assertions that the government is always watching.
  • Thou shall always have correct change of money, and a change of clothes
  • Thou shall blame everything on Obamacare.
  • Thou shall realize that if anything looks hot, it is hot.
  • Thou shall run away from shady deals.
  • Thou shall always feign ignorance about anything and everything.

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