Calling Bill Hicks

The Bill Hicks Apparition

Coincidence??..Hardly, this is just a photo of three muse like dapper gentlemen and some unassuming jots of ink. Except!.. for me coming across Bill’s name on a photo from 1926 is as sacred as seeing a silhouette of the Lord’s face on a piece of burnt toast.  The Ouija board might be misfiring a little bit, but in a séance’y way, it almost about got his full name there: “Bill, Hicks, Marvin,” especially, when his real name is “William Melvin Hicks”: Melvin, Marvin–not much difference. Serendipity works in mysterious ways.  It is as if I’ve been summoned by Bill form the Afterlife—at a Flea Market??:

–Bill, you’re in Ohio, Houston is that’a way…

Mind Blowing!. Only a very few would understand the significance of this opportune Coincidence. More than any time in the history of this fair lady “America”, we need to be channeling Bill’s thoughts and wise words. This is as spiritual of an experience as it could be. One of my favorite comedian, a subject of a personal apparition! On a flea market find of all things! —from 1926! Not to mention the significance of the caption on the picture: “The Trio.” In this age of royal cynicism, it is as if we are dealing with a hip way of calling the “Trinity”: “The Bill, the Hicks, and the holy Marvin”.  We just happened on a whole new crack opening for a new dimension folks: Time travel, Angels, Zombies, spirits: they are all real, Y’all…

(RIP William Melvin Hicks)

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